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Pack the product with a specific orientation

SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart can be integrated into an artificial vision system for the correct orientation of the product to be packaged. As you can see in the video, the product placed on the conveyor is analyzed to identify its orientation. Based on this feedback, the robotic arm picks it up and positions it correctly, bringing […]

Integrate SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart at the end of the production line

SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart can be easily integrated into a pre-existing and highly automated system. In this example, our packaging machine has been integrated at the end of a line with an anthropomorphic robot and artificial vision. It can be seen how SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart adapts easily to the layout thanks to its size.  In the […]

Need to install the packaging process in a pre-existing layout with limited spaces

Our SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart, thanks to its compactness and versatility, can be easily integrated into pre-existing layouts with limited spaces.  As can be seen in this example, the packaging machine is perfectly positioned at the end of an automated line for packaging plastic cutlery. Our machine can be placed without problems within a layout equipped […]

Evenly distributes the pieces inside the bag and compacts them

SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart can be equipped with a shaker. The latter is placed under the machine so as to touch the bag with the product. In the video you can see how the movement of the shaker positions the plastic spoons horizontally, after they have entered the bag randomly. In this way the volume occupied […]

Need to change the positioning of external accessories for product evacuation

It is possible to move accessories such as conveyors (elevator conveyor, step conveyor…) very easily as they are not anchored to the machine. The C-frame of SIMPLICITA® Bag Smart allows the finished product to be evacuated from all four sides of the machine. In the video example you can see how the technician moves the […]